About Me

MeI am a sassy southern girl who loves cooking, reading and spending time with my family. I also love to entertain friends and family in my kitchen and have guests over whenever I can. I am also a former corporate girl turned  homeschooling mom of one handsome boy. He loves to double as my taste tester and my own personal food critic.  Trust me he is quick to praise but also not afraid to give the harsh feedback when need. So, you can bet my recipes are fairly reviewed lol. Watch out Gordon Ramsay, here comes Nate! Minus the potty mouth of course.

My passions next to loving my husband of 9 years and teaching my growing little man include helping those in need, blogging and creating some tasty art in the kitchen. My time these days are spent knee deep in early education curriculum and recipe creation and let me tell you both are a fun wild ride that I would not want to miss for anything. I like other moms like to see myself as super woman but know that isn’t true, but I will keep letting my little guy and husband think that as long as they want to. I hope you find a fun great recipes along with some silly humor to make you smile. I look forward to having you follow along and hopefully you will pull up a chair around my little table and enjoy this ride with me!

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