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Omelets Made Easy!

Omelets are such tasty breakfast treat but a little time-consuming when making them for a family and let’s face it. Making the perfect omelet in our home means I have to stand in the kitchen making all the fillings then standing over the stove again to make each person’s omelet. Then I still have to make my own. Hmm…why is it moms are just sitting down to eat when everyone else is ready for something else?

These bowls are yummy omelets simplified. I typically scramble 2 or 3 eggs per person, which is the base of this breakfast bowl. Then I like to set the omelet toppings out for everyone to pick their favorites. This method saves so much time and makes it easy for everyone to build their own omelet in a bowl.

My son loves being able to choose the breakfast toppings that he enjoys and making his own. I think he likes feeling like he is independent. Or maybe he likes that mom can’t sneak in those pesky mushrooms and radishes into his bowl…hmm. Oh well, either way, these bowls make this mom super happy.

I also make these for dinner,  so having the toppings prepped and waiting in the fridge can make dinner come together really quickly. I only have to scramble the eggs and set out the warmed toppings. I love meals like that!

Great for single serve portions!

Not cooking for a crowd, no worries! The great thing about these Breakfast Bowls is that you can make as much or as little as you need. I know many of you are looking for quick and easy recipes for one or recipes that you throw together fast and go. So these little bowls of goodness will be perfect for you as well.

The key to any “grab and go” meal is, prepping. It takes a little time up front to prep your toppings, but the time it saves when you are rushing pull a meal together is priceless.

For this recipe, your prep work is cooking omelet toppings ahead of time and storing them in the fridge. Then each morning you can take like 3 minutes to scramble yourself some eggs.

Toss your toppings on your eggs and there you go. A healthy and filling breakfast to get your day started out right. Remember, protein is a great way to fuel our bodies and it helps us stay fuller longer. The toppings are totally up to your preferences, but I will share some ideas on those a little further down.

From Bowls to Burritos!

Looking for a more portable breakfast? No problem, turn these bowls into breakfast burritos. Depending on your dietary needs there are some low carb and gluten-free options for tortillas in the grocery stores. We avoid processed carbs and gluten so we don’t buy those very often, but they can make great convenience foods for those that enjoy them.

For those looking for a non-processed version of a wrap, you can find some pretty amazing recipes around the internet. Here are a few of those recipes that we love and use in our home for breakfast burritos and wraps.


No Recipe Needed!

This recipe post needs no recipe carb below! These toppings that I share below are delicious options. Check out the two lists of topping suggestions. Yum!

These Breakfast Bowl ideas are excellant for make ahead meals. They are low carb and low fat options included.

Below you will see a list of our favorite topping options for both low carb/higher fat and low-fat/higher carb options. If you follow THM then your low carb options are “S” and the low-fat options will make good for “E” bowls.

Low Carb Breakfast Bowls Options:

    • 2-3 eggs per person, scrambled
    • cooked and crumbled bacon
    • cooked breakfast sausage crumbles
    • chopped steak
    • ham
    • shredded cheese
    • green or colored peppers
    • grilled or chopped onions
    • chives
    • sautéed mushrooms
    • sautéed radishes (my favorite!)
    • steamed broccoli
    • sautéed spinach or kale
    • grilled or steamed zucchini
    • no sugar added salsa
    • jalapeño peppers
    • avocado
    • Nutritional Yeast Sprinkles

These Breakfast Bowl ideas are excellant for make ahead meals. They are low carb and low fat options included.

Low Fat & Higher Carb Options

      • 3-4 egg whites per person
      • lean turkey bacon
      • chopped lean ham or turkey lunch meat
      • grilled or sautéed onions
      • Reduced Fat Cheese Sprinkles
      • sweet bell peppers/colored peppers
      • cooked sweet potato chunks
      • sautéed butternut or acorn squash
      • black beans
      • steamed or raw spinach or kale
      • sautéed okra
      • chopped tomatoes
      • salsa

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