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Hot Logic Product Review 

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product free of charge by the Hot Logic Company as a sample for me to try to share my honest opinions. No other form of compensation was provided for this review.

I am all about meal prep and finding new ways to take my healthy meals with me, either to work or on our many trips, we take for my husband’s business. So when I ran across a website from Haven Innovations that was all about their Hot Logic systems, I knew I had to give them a try. Thanks to Hot Logic for sponsoring this post and video review. They were very generous and sent not only the Mini but also the Family size unit for me to try.

If you haven’t seen these product friends, then you have missed out my friends! They are wonderful mini ovens basically that you can take to work for lunches, to church or family potlucks, or even on road trips like I have twice so far.  These little wonders are a safer way to reheat or keep your food warm with the worries of using a microwave or finding oven space when you are ready to eat.

Be sure to watch the video below for my full review and more information about the company! Then below the video, you can check out all the ways the Hot Logic Mini can save you time and money below!

Hot Logic is a Huge Time Saver!

  • You can totally cook your breakfast while you sleep to save time in the morning! It’s so easy, just add your food and let it work it’s magic while you sleep.
  • Prep meals from scratch in just a few minutes by using the recipe book that comes with your Hot Logic Products.
  • Hot Logic is fully automatic. No buttons, dials or temperate settings.  So you don’t have to worry about missing the timer or shutting it off at a certain time. Just load it and leave it alone until you’re ready to eat.

Baked Italian Chicken and Sweet Potato lunch at work.

Save Money & Eat Healthy by Taking Lunch :

  • You don’t have to spend money at restaurants for lunch anymore to have a hot homemade lunch!
  • Simply by reheating leftovers, you can stretch your food budget when you avoid eating out every day for lunches!
  • Stick to your healthy eating plan by bringing fresh, homemade and healthy food options to lunch in your Hot Logic Mini
  • Use your Family Size Hot Logic to take healthy casseroles or meals to parties and potlucks without having to worry about finding room in the oven or microwave to reheat your dish.
  • The Hot Logic Products are great for saving your budget and your waist line on road trips. Simply use the car adapter and let the Hot Logic cook or warm your food as you travel. You’ll have hot and ready food when you are ready to eat.

Another great lunch at work!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this personal review of the two Hot Logic products. I can honestly say that I am in love with both the Mini and the Family Size. They have made it so easy for me to stay on my Trim Healthy Mama way of eating for my lunches at work and on a few road trips we have gone on. I love being about to eat warm and delicious food without having to blow our budget at a restaurant. I mean eating out is nice some times, but it is so much easier to pack a hot lunch and not have wait for a table somewhere.  I will add some links below so you guys can find out more about the Hot Logic company and some of my Amazon affiliate links so you can buy one of your own if find it as amazing as I did.

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