Israel- God’s Heart || Landscapes and Legacy of Israel

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Thanks for stopping by the blog for another book review! This book is a little different from I normally review because the focus is on the beautiful photography. But before you dive in here is the not so fun part of my legal disclaimer.

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of this book for me to read and review here with my readers. All reviews and opinions are all my own and 100 percent my own. 


A Book Review of Israel - God's Heart. A captivating pictorial of the Holy Land.

About the Book:

Israel-God’s Heart: Landscapes and Legacy of Israel
(Skypics Israel, November 2016)
Soar across the skies of beautiful Israel and visit contemporary and historic sites beckoning visitors to stay and explore.
The beauty of Israel from above is captured by top aerial photographer Ron Gafni.  As you sweep over ancient ruins, fly high in hot air balloons, and view vignette’s of Israel’s modern lifestyles, Holy Scripture will also come alive. Author Kathleen Barrett offers reflective narrative with scripture pointing to God’s redemption plan for the world.

My Personal Review: 

Israel – God’s Heart, Landscapes and Legacy of Israel is a great coffee table piece that is full of colorful photos. The amazing aerial pictures depict the land we all know as the Holy Land. From fields of blooming flowers, wildlife, the sea shores and the ever-growing cityscapes you will be amazed at the beauty of it all.

I was truly in awe of all the images included in this delightful book. My son and I used it in our homeschool lesson plans one day as a part of our cultural studies and history. We really enjoyed seeing the modern look of the places we have read about in the Bible. I did find myself wishing there were slightly longer narratives for us to read but loved reading everything provided. If you like learning about Israel and well-done photography then I would totally recommend picking up a copy of this book.

About the Authors: Ron Gafni and Kathleen Barrett

A Book Review of Israel - God's Heart. A captivating pictorial of the Holy Land. Ron Gafni works as a professional aerial photographer after spending more than a decade in Israel’s High-Tech Industry. He brings his vast experience and personal perspective through the lens of a proud Israeli citizen. His work has been featured in “National Geographic,” and his company,, provides books from its “Israel From Above” collection to the Israeli government, Army, and Air force, as well as to large corporations in Israel.

A Book Review of Israel - God's Heart. A captivating pictorial of the Holy Land. Kathleen Barrett, a South Florida resident, and former teacher is a student of the Word. She shares her thoughtful point of view in “Israel-God’s Heart” from a personal, 40 year walk of Christian faith and study. In 2002, she authored a children’s devotional. Before that and since then, she has published many articles from mission’s outreach to local political events. Her more personal and reflective work has been featured in a number of collections.

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