Rosemary Brown Sugar Baked Ham, Low Carb

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This baked have has a lovey sweet glaze baked in that adds wonderful flavor to any holiday table. It is low carb and sugar free.

Let’s get our Ham on!

I typically lean more toward the turkey on Thanksgiving and Ham for Christmas, but this year I thought I would switch things up a bit and do both.

Who needs the pressure of choosing right?  Serving  both the turkey and this delicious Rosemary Brown Sugar Ham will make everyone happy and lead to more fabulous leftovers.

When it comes to cooking for the holidays I love to wow the guests , which involves days of cooking! But this year I am working some extra hours outside the home to earn some extra Christmas cash.

This baked ham is low carb and sugar free. It is glazed with a lite rosemary and "brown sugar" glaze. Great for any holiday table.

So this year I am looking for ways to put my best dishes out there while avoiding exhaustion. I want to enjoy myself with my guests.

This baked ham features two of my favorite holiday flavors and those are rosemary and “brown sugar”.   I was first introduced to using the two flavors together a few years back and I have been a fan ever since!

This baked ham is low carb and sugar free. It is glazed with a lite rosemary and "brown sugar" glaze. Great for any holiday table.

To avoid all the sugar carbs we need to use a substitution for the traditional brown sugar. So let’s talk about that now.

Low Carb Brown Sugar Options

There are many great options out there for replacing the brown sugar in your baked goods and this glaze. If you would like to buy it already made you can shop around and find couple of brands on Amazon.

I love Sukrin Gold brown sugar and try to have it around for special occasions. There are times I don’t always have it, so then  I turn to the great DYI versions of low carb brown sugar.

Like this one from Gwen’s Nest. I use this one quite often and my family loves it.  Her recipe is awesome and it would work nicely for this recipe.

This baked ham is low carb and sugar free. It is glazed with a lite rosemary and "brown sugar" glaze. Great for any holiday table.

Baking and Glazing the Ham

For my family of three I usually get a ham weighing around 9 or 10 pounds. That size is large enough for us to have lunch and dinner and then several days of leftovers to enjoy.

The best part of this recipe is that there are no hard steps, you simple bake your ham according to the directions on your package and prepare your glaze.

Once your ham has only 30 minutes left take it out brush or spoon your glaze all over the top of your ham. Then return the ham to the oven to bake for the remaining time.

I like this glaze because it has just the right amount of sweetness. I am not a fan of those sticky sweet glazes that come with the hams when you buy them, but this glaze won me over!

More Ham Goodness!

If you love ham and would like a choice of glazes you can hop over and take a look at my friend Sarah’s  Baked Ham Glaze on her blog Mrs. Criddles’s Kitchen! It sounds pretty darn good too! Don’t you love having all these delicious choices?

Got left over ham? Check out these great recipes and re-purpose that leftover ham you guys!

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This baked ham is low carb and sugar free. It is glazed with a lite rosemary and "brown sugar" glaze. Great for any holiday table.











Brown Sugar Rosemary Glazed Ham, Low Carb
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    Brown Sugar Rosemary Glaze
  • 3/4 cup of Sukrin Brown Sugar Alternative or Gwen's Nest Recipe
  • 1 stick of butter
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon of chopped rosemary
  • 1 tsp molasses (optional)
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • Ham
  • 1 ham, sized to fit your family's needs (try to find the lowest in carbs)


  1. Prepare and bake your ham according to your package instructions. I like to score my ham so that the glaze can later run down into the cracks but that is optional.
  2. To prepare your glaze simply add in all the ingredients into a sauce pan and place on medium heat.
  3. Let the butter melt and stir often while the glaze comes to a boil. Do not walk off and leave this on the stove. It could boil over quickly or burn.
  4. Once your glaze starts to boil set a timer for 1 minute. Let the mixture boil hard for the one minute while you stir constantly.
  5. Reduce to a simmer and cook for one additional minute. You want your glaze to reduce a little. Be careful not to have your heat to high as the mixture can go from okay to burnt quickly.
  6. Remove from the heat and let it begin to cool.
  7. When you ham has 30 minutes left remove it from the over and remove the foil. If your oven was at a lower temp you may want to raise it to 350 or 375 at this time. This will help caramelize your glaze.
  8. Spoon or brush your glaze all over the surface of the ham. Make sure to cover every inch of the ham with the glaze.
  9. Place the ham back in the oven and cook for the remaining 30 minutes.
  10. Let the ham rest for 10 minutes before serving.

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