Nature’s Eats Almond Flour Product Reveiw

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Finding healthier options to things like wheat flour can get expensive when you are living a lower carb lifestyle so finding products like Nature’s Eats Almond Flour that is cheaper than other brands in my area makes me extremely happy. This is not a sponsored review, I didn’t receive any compensation from this brand or anyone for this product review. I simply wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite products that I use in my recipes. If you’ve not tried this brand I¬†highly recommend you give it a try soon.

In the video review above I discuss a few of these topics:

  • difference between blanched and unblanched almond flour
  • quality and texture of Nature’s Eats Almond Flour
  • bag size and price per ounce breakdown
  • product comparison of three brands of almond flour in my area
  • ways to store your almond flour

I hope you enjoy getting to know more about this product, I know it has been a great addition to my cooking. I use it in many savory and sweet recipes that I cook for both my family and some clients of mine that order low carb and gluten-free desserts from my bakery business. If you would like to keep up with my latest recipes and more product reviews please subscribe to the blog.

Some of my Nature’s Eats Almond Flour Recipes:


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  1. Wynne says:
    Thanks for your info on this type of flour. You answered many of my questions. Appreciate the cost comparison, too! I am new to THM.

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