Tropical Mango Freeze || Low Fat, THM “E”, No Sugar Added

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Tropical Mango Freeze || Low Fat Dessert, Frozen Dessert, Low Fat, THM "E"

It’s So Stinking Hot!

Oh man you guys, it is still so hot these days here in Arkansas. Okay, it’s summer and hot everywhere I know, but I am thinking I should move to Alaska for the summers. You know kinda like those “snow birds” that move to Flordia to avoid the cold? But just the opposite, I want to the winter!

Since I am sure we can’t afford a second home in Alaska, this girl needs something cold and refreshing to help me beat this unbearable heat!  One that can give me that chill of the Arctic right here in the South,

Ahh…sweet relief!

Normally, I would whip up one of my newest ice cream recipes like my Coconut Cream Pie or maybe my Chunky Peanut Butter Swirl. But lately, my weight loss had been super slow…I mean like missing in action! Stalled, caput, nowhere to be found….. okay, I guess you get it.

So I knew it was time to tighten up on my snacking and mix in some lighter options. Although my ice cream recipes are low carb, sugar-free and of course much better for you than regular ice cream, they are all heavy in fat and dairy.

Tropical Mango Freeze || Low Fat, Frozen Dessert, No Added Sugar, Trim Healthy Mama

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love fat and I know it is a fact that our bodies need good fats to function, but even still that can’t justify over doing it, which is easy to do with all these yummy treats. I also tend to eat a lot of cheese and dairy if I don’t watch myself and that doesn’t always do my weight loss plan justice. While it isn’t bad to have dairy, over doing it can definitely slow down my scales.

Keeping in mind that I wanted my scales to start moving again I set out on a mission to find a new frozen dessert that would satisfy my chilly cravings but also keep me in line with my wish to eat a little less dairy and fat.

Lately, I have loved the Dollar Tree’s frozen bags of mango. They are super tasty, low-fat and fit right into my THM “E” meals. Not to mention you get the 10 oz. bag for a buck you guys! Come on you can’t beat that, right? I don’t know about you guys, but this frugal chick loves a bargain!

I have used the frozen mangos in my protein shakes so I thought it would be amazing to take those shakes a little further and make an ice cream like dessert. Man, was I right you guys, this stuff is out of this world good and can totally be dairy free if you need it to be by replacing the whey protein with your non-dairy choice!

Tropical Mango Freeze from My Table of Three

Simple, Affordable and Delicious!

Want to know the best part of this treat, next to the taste of course? There are only six ingredients and one is totally optional! So not only is it delicious and healthy it is also simple to make and budget friendly if you can find the frozen mangos at your Dollar Tree.  Even if you can’t find them just pick up a few mangos and chop and freeze them before you get ready to make this recipe. They are always on sale during the summer months!

Over the last week or so since I have been more mindful of my dairy, eating treats like this one and rotating my low carb and low-fat ( E & S) meals I have lost 5 lbs! Yes, my scales have finally started moving again after a long stall!

I am super excited to see how much more I can lose. I still have a long journey of losing to go, and even though some days it seems I will never lose it all, I will never give up or regret eating this way. We are worth the struggle you guys, so keep up the fight and bring on dessert. Let’s celebrate where we are in our journey and share this Tropical Mango Freeze!


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2/3 cup

Tropical Mango Freeze || Low Fat, THM “E”, No Sugar Added
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  • 2 - 10 oz. bags of frozen Mango
  • 2 cups of Almond Milk
  • 3/4 cup of THM Gentle Sweet(or 1/2 c Pyure Sweetener)
  • 1/2 cup whey protein or lite cottage cheese
  • 1 Tbsp vegetable glycerin (optional)
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla
  • *Note: For a dairy free version recipe the whey with your favorite protein powder.


  1. Add all your ingredients to your bender and blend it all until it is totally creamy and smooth. If you want a little texture to it you can leave a few of the mango pieces larger but it is so creamy and has a great texture if you blend it completely.
  2. The mixture will be thick when blended. Taste and adjust sweetness to your liking if necessary.
  3. If you would like a softer almost drinkable texture then the mixture is ready.
  4. For a firmer texture pour all the mixture into a large bowl and cover.
  5. Place the mango mixture into the freezer for 1 to 1 1/2 hours to freeze. Pull and serve once it has reached your desired consistency.
Cuisine: Dessert |


Nutrition based on my ingredients: Calories: 146, Fat: 1 gram, Carbs: 24 grams, Fiber: 3 grams, Net Carbs: 21 grams, Protein 9 grams.


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