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Welcome everyone and thank you so much for stopping by my little blog! I have only just begun but already I am loving the creative process. Hopefully you guys will enjoy watching the blog grow and sharing with me. If you follow any  low carb, sugar-free, grain free, Trim Healthy Mama plan you should stop by often to visit and check out my recipes as they will fit nicely into these plans. I will also be launching a “My Table of Three” YouTube channel where I will be doing these types of recipes as well as some traditional non-diet favorites. I love to share so I will try to have something for everyone! To get my updates and see futures posts and recipes please click on the ” Follow My Table of Three” button to the right hand side of this page and enter your email address.I am not a professional blogger but I am learning! I love people and cooking so putting those two things together have become a fun way to spend my free time (which usually is over my coffee cup bright and early before my family wakes for the day. I might be better off telling you guys right off that I can be a bit silly and often times down right goofy but my passion for getting healthy and creating in the kitchen has driven me to create this blog and share my dishes with others wishing to do the same. Oh, I am also a known coffee junkie so beware of ramblings if my cup runs empty lol!


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