Wonderful Wednesday Link Up, 3rd Edition

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Happy Wednesday, you guys! Wow, here we are sharing another installment of our Wonderful Wednesday Link Up Party! I can’t wait to see what everyone shares this week. Be sure to check back over the next two days to view all the lovely recipes bloggers add. It is easy to visit each link and pin them on your Pinterest Boards for later!

Last week, our link up yielded 13 glorious recipes from some great bloggers. From drinks to desserts, we had you guys covered, how awesome is it that? I know I was excited about trying all of them. Were there any that stood out to you or have your tried some of them before? If you missed last week’s post you can check it out here. Let me know what caught your eye in the comments!

Wonderful Wednesday Recipe Link Up Party

Pumpkin Fluff , Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen

Each week I like to try  some of the recipes shared in the link up, but this past week was terribly business, so I was only able to try the Pumpkin Fluff, from Mrs. Criddle’s Kitchen.

I am a huge coffee fan, and pumpkin spice, so naturally when I saw her recipe I knew I needed it in my life! Oh boy, it was awesome! I love how simple it was and the flavor it added to my coffee was wonderfully divine! If you like pumpkin spice and creamy coffee, I highly suggest you give this recipe a try soon!

Wonderfully Wednesdays Recipe Link Up Party

What’s New from your Hosts!

Be sure you hop over to If Spoons Could Talk and Wonderfully Made Dearly Loved, to check out their yummy recipes. This Bacon & Blue Cauliflower from Judy, looks to die for and I’m so ready for soup weather !

My Table of Three's Wonderful Wednesday Recipe LInk Up #3

Bacon & Blue Cauliflower Bomb, Wonderfully Made Dearly Loved

Also, be sure to check out Renee’s great list of 20 low carb and THM soups, it is getting that time of year you guys!


THM Soup Round Up, If Spoons Could Talk

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I can’t wait so see all the new recipes shared this week you guys! So let the party begin, enjoy the recipes shared here and if you have a recipe to share, let us see it! By submitting a link below means that you agree to the guidelines above.


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