Wonderful Wednesday Recipe Link Up Party, #5

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Wonderfully Wednesdays Recipe Link Up Party

Hey you guys, how was your Thanksgiving? Are you enjoying your holiday season so far?You might have notices we took a couple weeks off from sharing here on our Wonderful Wednesday posts. We thought it would be nice to step away for a bit and enjoy some time with family and friends.

So what did you guys enjoy most bout your Thanksgiving dinner? Did you use any of the recipe that have been shared here in our past Wonderful Wednesday posts? I would love to hear from you in the comments if you tried a new recipe around your table last week!

Let’s Take a peek!

Just to refresh everyone on some of the recipes from the last post you can go here to check out all the recipes from that last post! They all sounded amazing but I just wanted to share one that has had me dreaming of cake ever since.  The pictures in this recipe of the Lemon Loaf from Nana’s Little Kitchen made my mouth water. Be sure to click on the link under the picture to see her full recipe.

My Table of Three's Wonderful Wednesday Recipe Link Up Party

New From Your Hosts

Your hosts have been busy in the kitchen again you guys. So be sure to visit each of our blogs where you can find our latest and greatest blog posts like these recipes below from Wonderfully Made and Dearly Loved, If Spoons Could Talk and myself here at My Table of Three!

This ham is tasty and delicious without being overly sweet and sticky. The rosemary and low carb/THM approved brown sugar give it such a great flavor It is one of the latest recipes here on My Table of Three and it would be perfect for your holiday table.

Wonderfully Made and Dearly Made….

For all those THM ladies out there looking for a plan approved bread this recipe from Judy looks so great! Have you been looking for some THM bagels or how about dinner rolls or baked pretzels? This Sprouted Wheat Dough will be just the thing for you. If I ate gluten I would definitely give these a try. Let me know if you give them a  try them! I bet they are wonderful.

If Spoons Could Talk….

Renee, over at If Spoons Could Talk has been busy working away on this wonderful list of gift ideas! How awesome is it that getting great on plan gifts could be as easy as sharing her list and post with those that love you! There are certainly things on her round-up that are on my stocking list!

These ladies have been busy working on more great things to come and so have I! I have a lot new recipes coming out over the next couple of weeks including a Caramelized Bacon and Onion Cheese Ball, Shortbread Cookies in two flavors and three savory main dishes.

One of the upcoming recipes is a fabulous shrimp dish. So make sure stay tuned in here at My Table of Three and if you have subscribed please do. You don’t want to miss any of the recipes coming up!

Now let’s check out all the other wonderful recipes that our blogger friends will be sharing with us this week! If you would like to link your recipes please do. Just remember that this particular link up party is for those that follow the THM eating plan so make sure your recipes are compliant.

If you have questions just let me know and I will be glad to answer any. Enjoy the party ladies!

Wonderfully Wednesdays Recipe Link Up Party

Disclaimer: This link up is not sponsored or endorsed by Trim Healthy Mama LLC all of the recipes posted have been developed by each blogger and their personal understanding of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan. Please make sure that you review your plan book if you have questions about if something is on plan or not.

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