“Granola Cereal” (THM-S, Grain Free, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free)

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Since following a low carb diet and Trim Healthy Mama one thing I have missed as my late night snack or a quick breakfast is cereal. Yep, that sugary treat we all loved as a kid. Maybe even now that we are adults if we are honest. Thankfully, I know now that the boxes of cereal we can buy at the stores are loaded with all the things that did not do my fluffy body any favors so I avoid them. I also have a little guy that loves cereal and would eat it three times a day with toast if I let him. Though I try to make three balanced meals a day for us I have been guilty of letting cereal be his two early meals on crazy hectic days. I say that as I hang my head.  I know nobody else has done this right? No worries, it is a no judgment zone here in my world!


I came up with on the spur of the moment. I was trying to make a crunchy and sweet snack to keep in some little baggies for those hectic days I mentioned earlier. Grab and go my friends, grab and go! But after I had finished the first batch I made I remembered reading on Facebook that one of my friends like to eat her granola for breakfast and I thought this should work great like that too. So I tried it with almond milk and there it was..our new cereal option!

It is so simple and quick that I am not sure it would even qualify as recipe since I just toss things together and bake but for the sake of sounding like I know what I am doing I will call it a recipe (hey, we all like to sound official sometimes). This cereal has very few ingredients but it is so satisfying and sure to please everyone in the family.  The coconut flakes and almonds are amazing by themselves but the chocolate chips just sets this over the top! The chocolate chips are totally optional  of course and can be left out completely , but in my world I can not imagine anyone saying to leave out chocolate. Am I alone on that?

Low Carb, Gluten Free, Grain Free Keto, Trim Healthy Mama Granola Cereal from My TAble of Three

As you can see from the pictures it browns up really nicely and if you could smell my house after I have made some of this sweet crunchy goodness you would swoon and jump up and start making some yourself!  You can let this brown as much as I did or pull it out sooner if you don’t want it as dark but I love the nutty flavor that comes with this dark golden brown. Just watch it closely because this mix can go from light brown to burnt in just an instant.  I am pretty sure “burnt flavor”  cereal is not a desirable taste for any food plan lol. Don’t add in your chocolate chips until your baked mixture has cooled completely if you want to avoid melting, but I let mine melt one time (was in to big of a rush, imagine that) and when it cooled and the chocolate set back up it was like awesome clusters…oh my! I hope you try it soon, believe me you won’t regret it if you do.

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Grain Free Granola Cereal

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“Granola Cereal” (THM-S, Grain Free, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Sugar Free)
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  • 3 cups of Bob’s Red Mill Flaked Unsweetened Coconut (big flakes)
  • 6 oz of sliced almonds
  • 1/2 cup of sugar-free chocolate chips (I used Lilly’s)
  • 3 Tbsp of Pyure (or 3-4 tsp of THM Super Sweet)
  • 2 Tbsp of melted coconut oil
  • 2 tsp cinnamon
  • pinch of salt


  1. Heat your oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Toss together the nuts, flaked coconut, oil, salt, sweetener and cinnamon until all the cereal is coated well.
  3. Once you have this all tossed pour it out onto a foil lined cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 minutes watching it closely and tossing half way through.
  4. Watch granola carefully so it doesn't burn.
  5. Once the cereal reaches your desired brown color pull out of the oven. I let the mix cool completely before adding the chocolate pieces. The mix might still look a bit shiny with the coconut oil but it will dry out nicely and will not greasy at all. You can totally use less oil if you want to.
  6. Store left over mix in an air tight container at room temp


**Using my ingredients and calculating net carbs shows this recipe to come out between 5-6 net carbs per serving. If you use different brands your counts may vary.




    • Keri Bucci says:
      Raisins are quite a bit higher in carbs and will increase the carbers by serving a good bit if you add them. But if you do not mind the extra carb then you could add them. If your one of my readers follow the THM plan that would change this dish from S to either a S helper or crossover depending on how many raisins you added. I hope you enjoy the recipe!
      • Karen R Bates-Earnest says:
        what would your carb count be without the chocolate? I am allergic, and would not sub with anything else. Any chance that no chips would bring it down to an FP?
        • Keri Bucci says:
          Not sure Karen, you could use an online calculator with your ingredients to get your exact count without the chocolates, though. They are really easy to use. I have only done the math on the complete recipe. Also, with the fat from the coconut and the added oil, I don't believe it would be low enough in fat to fit in your FP. If it did, it would be a very small amount.
  1. Toya says:
    I have been looking for a Low Carb Grain free cereal. One problem, I can't stand the texture of coconuts. Is there something that I can use to substitute?
    • Keri Bucci says:
      Hi Toya! Yep, I can see where there would be a problem if you don't like coconut. I used the coconut here because it added a nice bulk and a texture I like for the least amount of carbs. So I am sorry to say that I am not sure of anything to replace it and still in the low carb range.
      • Marijane says:
        Couldn't you use a combo of seeds or nuts instead of the coconut? Of course, that would change the carb count some, but not as much as say, raisins or other dried fruit. BTW, if I like the flavor of coconut but not necessarily the texture, could I process it some to make it less obtrusive texture wise?
        • Keri Bucci says:
          Hi Marijane! Yes, you could add some other seeds and nuts if desired. As for the coconut, you could definitely use the finely shredded kind if that texture is more pleasing to you than the big flakes I suggest.
  2. Cindy says:
    This stuff is SO good! However, after making it I discovered my unsweetened coconut has 7 net carbs per 3 TBS and the almonds have 5 net carbs per 1/4 cup. So a 1/2 cup of this yumminess is going to be well over the THM limit for an S. May I ask what brand of unsweetened coconut you used? I'd like to find some within our carb limit. Thanks!
    • Keri Bucci says:
      Hi Cindy! Glad you enjoyed it. Hmm, not sure why your count is so high. I am assuming since you say net carbs you are subtracting the fiber from your carb counts, right? Here is what I use and my calculation per serving. I use Bob's Red Mill Unsweetened Flake Coconut and Fisher's raw sliced almonds. So with my brand of ingredients and subtracting the fiber from each to get net carbs this cereal is ranges between 5-6 net carbs per 1/2 cup serving. So even when paired with almond milk as a cereal it will falls nicely under the 10 net carbs you are allowed in an THM S meal/snack. Here are my total net carbs for the recipe: 3 cups of coconut-12 net carbs, 6 oz Sliced Raw Almonds-9 net carbs, 1/2 cup (4 oz) Lily's Stevia Sweetened Baking Chips (after subtracting fiber and sugar alcohol)- 16 net carbs. So when you add all this together and divide it all up into your 6-8 servings then you end up with 5-6 net carbs per serving. So even with almond milk you should be below the 10 net carbs allowed in your THM S setting. I hope this helps. Thanks so much for stopping by!
      • Cindy says:
        Thanks for the info! I used Let's Do...Organic brand from Walmart. And yes, it's 7 net carbs because there's no fiber in this brand. I need to look for Bob's.
        • Keri Bucci says:
          Oh okay. Strange it would not have fiber. Hopefully you can find Bob's and still enjoy the recipe. I appreciate you trying the recipe out and hope you stop by again.
          • Cindy says:
            I think I have figured out the mystery! What I bought was dehydrated and toasted (though it didn't LOOK toasted). Found the same brand today that was only 2 net cabs. Good news- I found a use for the other. I crushed it and used it as a topping for some low-carb muffins. I'll have plenty for a while since I'm just using a sprinkling, but so thankful all that yumminess won't go to waste! Thanks again, Keri, for a great recipe!
          • Keri Bucci says:
            Yay, so glad you figured it out and that it will not go to waste! It makes love what I do even more when readers enjoy the recipes. So thank you so much for your kind words! :)
  3. Courtney says:
    How many carbs are in 1/2 cup. It's so delicious. With THM I kept falling off cause I missed ceral that will no longer be my problem :) thank you
    • Keri Bucci says:
      Hi Courtney! So glad you enjoyed it. The carbs will vary a bit depending on if you use the chocolate chips and what brand you use. I use the Lily's brand and with my calculations of the brands I use it is roughly 5-6 net carbs per serving. I am not sure what the carb count will be if you use Hershey's but you can add all your carbs up totall for all your ingredients (minus the fiber in the coconut and almonds, and sugar alcohol in the Hershey's) then divide by the number of 1/2 servings you have to get your carb estimate. :) Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how you like it!
  4. Stephanie says:
    Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! I've been doing THM for about a year and a half and was looking for something cereal-like! Just made it this afternoon and its perfect!

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